I F***'d Up this account! Delete me dudes! (liebetotungen) wrote in rebelsofpop,
I F***'d Up this account! Delete me dudes!

* Rocket Bass fer Sale! *

..hoping you guys don't mind if I post this here...errr, I'll delete it if it's not cool!
I'm sellin' my brand spankin' new Eastwood Rocket bass!
I got it as part of the trade for my Les Paul....but I don't really have a need for another bass, as cool as this one is...

Here's a Neck Shot as well.

...and here's a photo of a gold one from the actual Eastwood site to give you a better idea of what it looks like...

I'm selling it for $500 CAN ....or best offer! I can send you more pix and specs as well..

Email me: gigi@purrprodux.com if yer interested!

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