Tour Tour Tour!

Go to these Suspicions shows, me hearties! Yaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Thursday, April 21 - Portland at Slabtown w/ the Neins & Meerac

Friday, April 22 - Sacramento at the Distillery w/ Rock the Light, the Knightmares, & the Black Jetts

Saturday, April 23 - OAKLAND at the Stork Club w/ Top Ten, Panty Raid, & the Pasties

Sunday, April 24 - Reno at the Satellite Lounge w/ A bunch of drunks!!

Plus maybe a BBQ on Sunday afternoon in Oakland???

See ya there chica-ronies!


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so i hope when you look at this new layout, its so '77 that your eyes burn!

i was going to make it all red hot and teal, maybe we'll work on that for the next layout change.

so , how do you all like it?

and feel free to post these banners on your journal!

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Wreckless Eric

Wreckless Eric residency at The Knitting Factory, New York City -

every Saturday in March between 7 and 8pm. The set will change
substantially every week, there's also a possibility of guest appearances so
the best thing would be to make it a regular Saturday night thing all the
way through March. But then we would say that.

March 10 Maxwells, Hoboken NJ
March 18 South By South West, Austin, Texas