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09:53pm 30/04/2006
Ready for your weekly power pop explosion?

Then check out got_to_have_pop an mp3 blog with weekly themes and even all requests Thursdays!!

Come on! Whatcha waitin' for?

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Stiff Records 
12:44pm 10/11/2005
  I thought some of you might be interested in this:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The Section Quartet at Largo this Tuesday! 
09:02am 10/07/2005

Ok, guys, I know this is sort of last minute, but The Section Quartet are playing at Largo this Tuesday night, July 12th... and Peter Case (The Plimsouls) is singing with them. So for anyone in L.A., this is a great chance to see him do something cool in a really small club. Doors are at 8 pm. Tell yer friends.

03:53pm 11/05/2005


Tour Tour Tour! 
12:17pm 21/04/2005
  Go to these Suspicions shows, me hearties! Yaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Thursday, April 21 - Portland at Slabtown w/ the Neins & Meerac

Friday, April 22 - Sacramento at the Distillery w/ Rock the Light, the Knightmares, & the Black Jetts

Saturday, April 23 - OAKLAND at the Stork Club w/ Top Ten, Panty Raid, & the Pasties

Sunday, April 24 - Reno at the Satellite Lounge w/ A bunch of drunks!!

Plus maybe a BBQ on Sunday afternoon in Oakland???

See ya there chica-ronies!

12:07pm 01/01/1997
  I saw that there wasn't a garage or rock n roll community on livejournal, and found that unexceptable!
So, Some friends and i got together and made this:


We need some new members, so join if you're interested!
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Blank Its! Feelers! Suspicions! Tonight!! 
11:35am 23/03/2005
  Tonight! At the Funhouse! See two bands with the hottest split 7" of the year and some other band of chumps who like to wear white jeans before Memorial Day! Did I say chumps? I meant CHAMPS!!

It's $5! At Rock O' Clock! At the FUNHOUSE!
April 23rd - LA? 
11:45am 06/03/2005

My band the Suspicions and Top Ten (Tina from the Bobbyteen's new band!!) are trying to get a show in LA on Saturday, April 23rd, any takers???

Suspicion's website:


Top Ten doesn't have a website...

Thanks a million!

08:16pm 02/03/2005
mood: dorky
so i hope when you look at this new layout, its so '77 that your eyes burn!

i was going to make it all red hot and teal, maybe we'll work on that for the next layout change.

so , how do you all like it?

and feel free to post these banners on your journal!

Wreckless Eric 
12:51pm 02/03/2005
  Wreckless Eric residency at The Knitting Factory, New York City -

every Saturday in March between 7 and 8pm. The set will change
substantially every week, there's also a possibility of guest appearances so
the best thing would be to make it a regular Saturday night thing all the
way through March. But then we would say that.

March 10 Maxwells, Hoboken NJ
March 18 South By South West, Austin, Texas
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01:59am 01/03/2005
mood: anxious
my personal life is real shit right now, thank got for you I got some really hot pix for u to look at!

Plastic Letters

Eletric Shadows

if the dont load, u know the deal, go suck an egg...

10:00pm 27/02/2005
  the new fevers album kicks major ass. go check it out. LOVE moe  
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02:05pm 26/02/2005
  here are some pictures from last nite. stay tuned for more, i have film i need to develop as well.

The Weekenders

Some Action

go the my website for more,...


new community 
09:40pm 03/02/2005
mood: self-congratulatory
Come one, come all, ye angel faces...

Back to the bog-brush three-button flared heyday of pop.  To that wonderful ugly time of Chinn and Chapman, Slik and Fab 208...

It's a crash course for the ravers:

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* Rocket Bass fer Sale! * 
09:48am 30/01/2005
  ..hoping you guys don't mind if I post this here...errr, I'll delete it if it's not cool!
I'm sellin' my brand spankin' new Eastwood Rocket bass!
I got it as part of the trade for my Les Paul....but I don't really have a need for another bass, as cool as this one is...

More Pix and Info..Collapse )
10:41pm 21/01/2005
  i wanna watch fraggle rock.

i'm gonna come out and say it. i like blink 182. so what? fuck you.

sigh. there. whew! it's out of the way.
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Bass Player Needed! 
09:16am 13/01/2005
  The Weekenders, a power pop/punk band out of NYC, need a bassist! We have upcoming shows, a 7" about to come out, and our bass player just quit! We need a bass player ASAP!
www.theweekenders.net myspace.com/theweekenders
Suspicions at the Catwalk Tonight!! 
11:27am 11/01/2005
  With the Electric Shadows and the Young Playthings!



Be there!

We will!!

162 S Washington, Seattle!!!
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05:37pm 31/12/2004
  today, I picked up a mint copy of the bay city rollers-s/t at goodwill for $1!
someone here has to appreciate that as i much as i did.

playlist as of late:

paul collins beat- the beat
slash city daggers- backstabbers blues
gary glitter-greatest hits
mick ronson- slaughter on 10th ave.

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04:28am 31/12/2004
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