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What we do is Secret

Rebels of Pop
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Since other "Power Pop" Communities have rules and ristrictions on who can join based on social status. This Journal is dedicated to those of you who have been outcast from the "cool" community.

the rules
1. there are no rules.. write whatever the fuck you want, make fun of whoever you want, be yourself, be young, be dumb, be un-pc, talk shit, talk music, talk movies.. we're all dorks, we're all losers, and we're all outcasts.. Liking pop music doesnt make you cool or better than anyone.

feel free to take a banner for your LJ or myspace to link to us!

1910 fruitgum company, 20/20, a's, accelerators, american jam band, badfinger, barracudas, bay city rollers, bobbyteens, bomp records, boss martians, boyfriends, boys (uk us au), briefs, buzzcocks, carpettes, cheap trick, chronics, continentals, dave edmunds, dickies, dirty looks, dwight twilley, eddie and the hotrods, electric shadows, elvis costello, english beat, exploding hearts, fevers, firestarter, first alert, flashcubes, forgotten rebels, gary glitter, gary valentine, gears, go go's, groovie ghoulies, hollywood brats, holy and the italians, incredible kiddaband, jack lee, jags, jeffie pop, joe jackson, jolt, josie cotton, judys, kim fowley, la peste, lambrettas, m'n'm's, merkton parkas, modern lovers, modernettes, moderns, monks, mtx, nasty facts, neighborhoods, neon hearts, nerves, new town animals, new town neurotics, nice boys, nick gilder, nick lowe, nikki corvette, paley brothers, paul collins, peter case, phil seymour, plastic letters, plimsouls, pointed sticks, police, pranks, purple hearts, queers, questions, ramones, rasberries, raydios, reactions, real kids, reducers, replacements, rezillos, riff randells, riverdales, rockpile, rodney bingenheimer, romantics, rosetta stone, rubinoos, scientists, screaming apple records, screeching weasel, seventeen, shock, sick fits, simpletones, slade, squire, stiff records, strangeways, subhumans, suspicions, sylvain sylvain, taxi boys, teenage confidential, teenage filmstars, teenage head, the beat, the chords, the colors, the dogs, the flakes, the heats, the jam, the keys, the kids, the knack, the lids, the now, the outlets, the pinkz, the pop, the quick, the records, the reds, the rockers, the shivvers, the sweet, tommy keene, travis ramin, troggs, tweezers, undertones, vapors, vindictives, vips, week-end, weekenders, white heat, windbreakers, wreckless eric, yum yums, zeros